Clever Dog Learns How To Spell Her Name

StoryfulPublished: October 1, 201777,837 views
Published: October 1, 2017

This adorable, but unwanted pup would have been adopted way faster, had people known her secret - she has a gift!

The puppy was found wandering the paths of a local park by a kind-hearted PetCo employee, so she got rescued and put up for adoption. However, she never stayed long, because families kept returning her back to the shelter. That is, until Leonora came along.

Leonora Anzaldua decided to adopt an unwanted puppy, whom she had named Penny. A short while after she got in her fur-ever home, Penny revealed that she was hiding a very special secret of her own! The pup that no one wanted turned out to be super smart!

Penny has the ability to learn simple tricks very quickly and she nailed the ‘sit’ command within a few tries! At just 8 months old, Penny was showing great progress. Leonora then decided to amp up the test – she bought a shape sorter and taught Penny how to sort the given shapes out.

That toy was a measly challenge for the clever little puppy, because Penny is an extremely fast learner. She aced this test, so it wasn’t long before she faced an entirely new challenge. Leonora brought letters in front of Penny and now the doggy can spell her own name, with a little help of a few letters given to her. Sure, she might have to train on putting the letters in order, but this is still very impressive!

Credit: Penny Loggins via Storyful

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