Heavy Police Presence After Officer Stabbed, Pedestrians Hit by Vehicle in Incidents Being Probed as 'Terrorism'

StoryfulNewsPublished: October 1, 2017
Published: October 1, 2017

Police in Edmonton, Canada, reportedly said they were investigating as terrorism two incidents on September 30-October 1 in which a police officer was stabbed and pedestrians were hit by a vehicle, respectively. In the first incident, an officer was stabbed by a man who rammed a police barricade with his vehicle before getting out and attacking the officer. The suspect then fled the scene. The officer was taken to hospital with non-critical injuries, according to Police chief Rod Knecht. An “ISIS flag” was found in the suspect’s car, Knecht confirmed. Some time after the first incident, a U-Haul vehicle was stopped by another officer. A suspect, whose name closely resembled the registered owner of the vehicle that had rammed the police barricade, left the scene, pursued by police. At least first people were injured when the U-Haul vehicle collided with them during the pursuit, before flipping on its side. The driver was then apprehended by police. Credit: Instagram/jiaming.cc via Storyful

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