Air France Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Goose Bay Base

StoryfulNewsPublished: September 30, 2017394 views
Published: September 30, 2017

An Air France plane traveling from Paris to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing at Canadian Forces Goose Bay Base on September 30. According to reports, the Airbus A380 had experienced engine failure and then one of its engines blew out over the Atlantic Ocean. The plane had left Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris Saturday morning.

Transmissions from air traffic control report that the plane landed safely at Goose Bay Airport with part of the engine cowling missing and debris scattered all over the runway.

One of the passengers on board says that everything was normal for the first 6 and a half hours of the flight, when they heard a sound that wasn’t so much like an explosion, but more like an engine malfunction. They felt the plant dip slightly, but the pilots were quick to recover.

Everything became clear when the pilot made the announcement that they will be making an emergency landing at Goose Bay an hour and a half later. The passenger says that the pilots’ competency helped people from going into an extreme panic. Another passenger adds that flyers were "white-knuckling" as the plane started descending.

While they waited for Air France to send another aircraft for them, passengers were asked to remain in the plane and were served a meal in the meanwhile. The exact cause of what caused the engine failure has not been determined.

Credit: Facebook/Kate Heath via Storyful

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