Supporters of Spanish Unity Gather in Barcelona Square Before Catalan Referendum

StoryfulNews Published September 30, 2017

Rumble Supporters of Spanish unity demonstrated in the Plaza of Sant Juame in Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonian region on September 30. A sign hung on the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the city council building, which said “More Democracy.” Thousands of people gathered across Spain on Saturday, September 30, calling for Spanish unity a day before Catalonia’s referendum on independence. The vote has been declared illegal by Spain’s central government. On September 28, police seized millions of ballot papers and dozens of ballot boxes in the latest attempt to block the referendum, which the central government in Madrid said it would not recognize. The row between Madrid and the Catalan government, which saw regional government offices raided and several politicians arrested, has sparked angry large-scale protests over recent weeks. Credit: Twitter/Nos Manipulan via Storyful