Compilation Of Extreme Close-Ups Of Sharks In Florida

NewsflarePublished: September 29, 201728 views
Published: September 29, 2017

This incredible footage of sharks off the shores of Florida was shot and compiled by free diver Bartolomeo Bove over the spring and summer of 2017.

The video shows eight different species of sharks: lemon, silky, blacktip, sandbar, Caribbean reef, tiger, bull and great hammerhead shark.

It captures impressive close-ups of sharks catching and swallowing baits. Baiting sharks is a common practice with free divers, cage divers and researchers, where a piece of shark bait is tied to a line without a hook, to coerce the animal closer to the surface of the water, without harming it in any way.

Shark baiting, also considered a type of extreme sport, is a controversial exercise where participants are lowered in a shark proof cage while tour guides <a href="">bait</a> the waters for sharks with chum fish and other bait, leading to potentially aggressive behaviors by the shark population. The practice is used by some organisations catering to thrill-seekers. Many conservation groups, as well as scuba divers and underwater photographers consider the practice undesirable and potentially dangerous.

There are 12 subspecies of shark that are common off the coast of Florida, making it one of the “it" locations for those who want to swim with these glorious beasts of the deep blue. The other such location in the world is <a href="">Gansbaai</a> in South Afrika.

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