Man Drives Straight Into "Gustnado" in California Valley

StoryfulPublished: September 29, 2017
Published: September 29, 2017

This guy filmed, from the inside of his car, what happens when you get caught in the middle of a “gustnado.” This is what Brent Rose told Storyful about the terrifying experience: “I was driving down the highway and noticed that it was pretty gusty, then suddenly it went full whiteout. I pulled over immediately, even though I couldn’t even see the side of the road. It felt like I was in a tornado and I was afraid my van (which is a tall Sprinter van) would be knocked over. When it finally subsided, it had ripped the cover off my air conditioner unit on top (which I found about 50 yards away in an irrigation ditch), and the whole van was completely caked in mud (because it was a dust storm with rain in it, so it turned to mud mid-air). Very scary.” Credit: Brent Rose via Storyful

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