Dog’s Hilarious Reaction To “Enemy” In Yard Has Owner Cracking Up

Published September 29, 2017 84,953 Views

Rumble This restrained retriever froze on the spot when she spotted her mortal nemesis, a cat. True to half her breed, Ellie, an Irish setter golden retriever cross, stood dead still when she saw the furry intruder at home in Salem, Oregon, USA, on September 16.

As all Irish Setters do, the three-year-old pooch stood with her front paw raised from the ground and never breaks her stare from her sworn enemy! The only thing that gives away that Ellie is, in fact, a living, breathing and, most often, moving the animal, is the movement in her paw when her owner, Dustin Dalen, tugs on the leash.

Not even the most strict of instruction on his side will make Ellie break away from her set. “Okay, come on Ellie". Nope. “Ellie, lay" he continues with a downward tug on the leash. She doesn’t even bat an eyelid. We even get a closer look of Ellie’s face, to see that she doesn’t twitch her muzzle or move her eyes from the sight of the grey tabby.

“I was completely bemused by her actions," Dustin says."“Very rarely does the Irish setter in her come out, but sometimes Ellie will point at animals. This isn’t the first time she’s seen a cat but this one was a complete stranger so she froze on the spot. In total, she stayed there for about three minutes before I finally got her to move." That’s genetics for yah. If only we could all maintain that level of focus. So funny!

Cats and dogs are mortal enemies. It's the tale that's been passed down through the years, the theory that has fueled many cartoons and movies. Dogs and cats are mortal enemies, and will always hate each other. We have seen several videos from dogs and cats having a unique friendship, but that doesn’t change things that they have always been and always will remain mortal enemies.

While dogs and cats don't hate each other usually, they do have beautiful and unique personalities. While doggos are progressively fun loving and social animals, cats are known to be more independent. This difference in their behavior and their characters are the reason you may not see the two animals getting along broadly.

We would like to know your opinion about this matter. Do you think dogs and cats can get along, or they will forever remain mortal enemies?

Watch the video below to see Ellie in action, or not so much in action!


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    "Ellie's" drawn a bead on that target! lol.

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  • RitaC, 2 years ago

    she is not freezing she is pointing and waiting for master to do the rest, she is a pointer

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