Mom Films Nightmarish Video Of Two-Meter Pythons Fighting In Her Shower After Falling Through Skylight

Published September 29, 2017 347 Views

Rumble When it comes to her children, there is nothing a mother wouldn’t do to protect them. But one Byfield, Queensland got more than she had bargained for, when she found a pair of two-meter male pythons coiled around each other in battle after they fell through the skylight into her shower.

Still, 41-year-old Petrina Murphy, who works in PR, casually filmed and photographed the hellish scene before calmly sweeping the snakes out of her home with a broom, instead of freaking out in sheer panic, like most of us would do.

“They had really wrapped themselves around each other and their tails were all knotted up. Some people who’ve seen the video have asked if they’re mating but they’re definitely two males fighting." says the brave mom and she is completely right! Springtime in Australia is <a href="" target="_blank">mating season for carpet pythons</a> , and people down under are pretty much used to seeing those slithery buggers drop by uninvited in their homes or <a href="" target="_blank">on people’s balconies</a>.

The two males have been slithering around on Petrina’s roof throughout Australia’s winter months and she and her son Callum say that they could hear their 15kg bodies ‘thumping’ over the rafters.

Petrina admits that it isn’t the usual critters she’s afraid of, like spiders or snakes. It is actually ticks that really freak her out. “If I find a tick on me I’m terrified but if a snake is in my bathroom that’s no problem."

Don’t we wish we had her courage!