Soldier Surprises Mom From Boot Of Car After More Than Two Years Apart

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Published: September 28, 2017

This is the incredible moment a mum is launched into an excited frenzy as her naval soldier son surprises her from the boot of a car, after a staggering two and a half years apart.

It was a rainy day in Jacksonville Florida, when auntie Tonya Jackson asked her sister, Diana, to help her with some ‘good stuff’ she has stashed in the boot of her Chevrolet SUV. Naturally, Diana is hesitant to go out in the wet weather, but her sister is persistent.

“Hey girl! Come on, help with this good stuff up here, I’ve got some good stuff for yah”

Diana eventually accepts her sister’s strange and very annoying request, but as her Tonya lifts the trunk of her car, Diana can barely believe her eyes when she sees what lays inside.

Serving in the naval forces for the last four years, Diana’s son Lee hasn’t been home to see her in nearly three years, but all that is about to change, as leaping from the back of his auntie’s car, emerges her hero.

The proud mom is beside herself with joy, as she jumps in Lee’s arms, hugging and kissing him. “My baby!”

“I’m sorry, I had to get you” says Lee, since mom can’t believe her eyes what she is seeing.

That was one unique homecoming, if we ever saw one.

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