Thief Wraps Toilet Paper Around His Head To Hide His Face From CCTV

NewsflarePublished: September 28, 2017109 views
Published: September 28, 2017

We have all seen thieves wearing black masks to hide their face when they try to steal something.

A bizarre video has emerged from China of a man using toilet paper wrapped around his head in order to conceal his identity.

The footage, captured in Huaibei, Anhui Province on September 17, shows a man climbing through a window into a clinic where he reportedly stole the equivalent of £110.

The first footage shows a man who is slowly coming into a room and stops at the desk to take a piece of paper to stick to the surveillance camera, so that he can perform his criminal activities without anyone watching.

The second footage shows the same man climbing through the window and walking around a room in a nonchalant manner. This time he has toilet paper wrapped around his face for concealing his identity.

The third footage shows security watching over the surveillance video, and then policemen arresting a man. It was reported that he was arrested the following day in an internet cafe.

This may be the most bizarre video of a thief trying to walk around unnoticed, but we must give him credit for his creativity though. I do feel bad for his poor thief moves.

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