Tiny Tortoises Have A Bath And Eat Dandelions

StoryfulNewsPublished: September 27, 2017202 views
Published: September 27, 2017

A creep of two-week-old tortoises enjoyed some pampering in the form of a bath and a delicious meal at Auckland Zoo. They are leopard tortoises, a native of Africa that can live for up to 100 years. The tortoises will be released into the zoo’s regular enclosure “once they’re ready”, the zoo said.

These tiny hatchlings stayed in the incubator for about a week and later on they were relocated to the enclosure filled with dirt and various plants. This process is absolutely normal for these little ones. This way, they can be monitored closely and the zookeepers can make sure that they take their normal amounts of water and nutrients as well as check on their progress.

These tiny tortoise babies are fed with dandelion which is a perfect source of calcium. They also get regular baths to encourage them to drink water. The water is always warm because tortoises are known for being ectotherms, meaning they thrive in warmer climates and this way zookeepers can watch them move around. The warm water also makes them more hungry, while the cold makes them lose their appetite and retreat to their shells. So far, these three musketeers are on the right path to becoming full grown, beautiful, adult leopard tortoises.

Credit: Auckland Zoo via Storyful

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