Snake Sneaks Into Family's Kitchen To Devour An Egg

StoryfulPublished: September 27, 2017104 views
Published: September 27, 2017

A Charlotte couple got a shock recently when they encountered a large snake in their kitchen. The long and distinctive rat snake, fortunately non-venomous, was hanging from a cabinet and devouring the fresh eggs on the table.

It is amazing how the hands of the one filming this video aren't shaking as he takes footage of the snake trying to swallow one of the eggs sitting in a basket on the kitchen table. What a shocking way to find an intruder in your house that is trying to steal from you without any shame.

This is a pretty long snake and it just hangs there for a while and patiently tries to devour the egg. He takes his time and poses for the camera. We can hear a woman in the back, saying with disbelief "Oh my God, oh my God". It is indeed surprising, but how did it get there? Once the snake had finished its treat, Richard and Laura bravely coaxed it out through an open window. The snake must have entered through a hole in the laundry room floor, which is now firmly blocked to prevent any future surprises.

If you liked the movie Snakes On A Plane, or if you like snakes at all, you should also see this footage of another intruder found in the kitchen.

Credit: YouTube/Laura Neff via Storyful

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