Syrian Kurds Celebrate Referendum on Kurdish Independence in Iraq

StoryfulNews Published September 26, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Residents in the Kurdish town of Qamishli in northern Syria celebrated the referendum on Kurdish independence taking place in northern Iraq on September 25. Despite regional and international pressure to call off the vote, polls opened on September 25 to an estimated 5.2 million people that were eligible to vote, including those living abroad who were able to vote electronically from September 23. Over 91 percent of voters supported independence, according to Rudaw, a Kurdish news outlet. The referendum did not include Kurdish territory in northern Syria known as Rojava, which is administered by the Kurdish Democratic Union party (YGP). Local elections in Rojava, the first of their kind, were held on September 22 to select communal representatives. Credit: YouTube/Step New Agency via Storyful