What This Cop Did When He Entered School's Football Stands Surprised Everyone

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Published: September 26, 2017

A high school football game took an unexpected turn when a cop walked into the stands and did something no one expected. What he did was two years in the making.

This clip is just another proof that police officers aren’t always just law and order. Sometimes, even protectors of the law want to have some fun!

An Appleton police officer by the name of Jack Taschner gave fans at a high school football game a bit of a show during September 15th's Friday night game. When officer Taschner entered the stands, it initially appeared that he was going to deal with an unruly fan. The relief on everybody’s faces was more than grand when they discovered he wants to lead the "drive the bus" cheer.

The department's school resource officer at Appleton East for the past two years, Taschner said in an interview that he's watched students "drive the bus" during halftimes of football and basketball games. One student - the 'driver' - leads, and the crowd follows, pounding their feet, swaying and humming like the engine.

Taschner cooked up the entire plan with a student the entire week before. "I told him 'when you're driving the bus, I want in,'" Taschner said. He approached the student during the game and the crowd first thought the kid was in trouble. But then officer Taschner turns around and “takes the wheel”

Taschner, 39, is also a former Major League Baseball pitcher, who played six seasons in the big leagues.

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