Man Pops Giant Lawn Bubble In His Backyard

StoryfulPublished: September 25, 2017271,704 views
Published: September 25, 2017

There is nothing more satisfying than watching this man burst the water bed which created a giant bubble underneath his lawn, in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.

According to James Callender, the man in this video, the cause of the giant bubble had been from torrential rain in the area.

"That's what you call an old-fashioned mud puddle", comments his wife.

Watch James in his quest to pop up this gigantic bubble, by poking holes into it. He is having fun with his new yard bubble and keeps the neighbors entertained.

After poking several holes in it, and nothing happened, he decided to stands on it. As he climbs on it, the water inside starts moving around, making it look like a real waterbed or a gigantic balloon that is about to pop up.

Brave James doesn't give up and he climbs on it again, and puts pressure on the water bubble with his feet, to help release the water from beneath.

Finally, the water started pouring out and that is very pleasing to watch. The muddy water started falling down like a waterfall, and to everyone's disbelief, James didn't sink entirely into the underground bubble and that was the moment of truth. You don't see this phenomenon everyday that is for sure.

If you have trouble popping up bubbles, this is the right thing for you.

Credit: James Callender via Storyful

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