Relaxed Man Politely Waves Off Bears In His Backyard

StoryfulPublished: September 25, 20171,637 views
Published: September 25, 2017

Perhaps not many of you will ever have this kind of problem, but bears have been known to simply barge into a person’s property and stay there for some time. Usually the reason behind these unwanted guest appearances are the sources of food that your yard might be offering, such as bird feeders or the garbage.

It is quite normal to feel scared when you see a momma bear and her two cubs on your property, but fear will get you nowhere. That’s what this man knew very well, because he handled the situation with grace and was quite effective about it.

Jordan Cote reacted hilariously to finding a family of bears in his backyard in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. The rather nonchalant Jordan spotted three bears in his backyard and, because he had to go to work, he politely asked the bears to leave his residence. The bears, in turn, respected Jordan’s request and left the yard.

"Hope you enjoyed my yard. Have a good day," Cote says calmly.

If a bear happens to enter your yard, experts say you should attempt to scare it away with loud noises, creating a negative experience for the wild animal. This way, bears won't lose their fear in humans, which can become incredibly dangerous.

Credit: Jordan Cote via Storyful

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