Magician Uses Common Items To Perform Awesome Tricks

NewsflarePublished: September 25, 201722 views
Published: September 25, 2017

If you think you day has been pretty mundane so far, then prepare yourself to have your mind blown! A cool video has emerged of British magician Magic Mike using daily items like shoe laces, pieces of paper and Oreos to create awesome tricks.

Mike is so adept at his craft, he can even tie his shoelaces with pure willpower! That sure can come in handy when your hands are full and one of your shoes came undone.

He also does another trick that would have been very useful for all confectionery lover, when he bites off a piece of an Oreo cookie, chews on it and then blows it back in place! How…?!

Not to mention the one where he creates two sterling pound bills from one piece of blank paper! If only we knew how to do that in real life...

In another video, Magic Mike demonstrates a different array of even more awesome tricks with daily objects, such as putting a coin in a glass through the bottom, pulling a dollar bill from his phone’s touch screen, but his most impressive is where he unscrews a nut from a bolt using only his mind!

That is one powerful mind, if we might say so ourselves.

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