Thrill-seeking couple go on BASE jumping date

NewsflarePublished: September 21, 2017
Published: September 21, 2017

A cool video video has emerged of a couple going BASE jumping together during a date.

The footage, shot in Venosc, France on August 18, shows the couple 1,200 metres in the air on a tandem paragliding ride before they unhook themselves to do a BASE jump.

"When both me and my girlfriend are into extreme sports, going out on dates does not look like regular people do it," the filmer wrote online.

"A good friend and a BASE jumping mentor took us on a ride with a tandem paraglider 1200m over the French town of Venosc."

"We had setup a cutaway system for both of us and dropped with our base jumping parachutes for dinner," he added.

"Do not try this at home, we had skydiving, speedflying, paragliding training and we did the jump under the mentoring of our experienced BASE jumper friend."

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