Auckland Zoo Releases Rare Birds, Welcomes Kiwi Chick

StoryfulNews Published September 19, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble - Bird keepers at Auckland Zoo have been busy this week, releasing one rare species into the wild and welcoming a brand new kiwi chick. In a video filmed in January this year, keeper Natalie shows off five kākā chicks born to a rescue kākā. According to Auckland Zoo, those five chicks were released into the wild of Hawkes Bay on Tuesday, September 19. According to the New Zealand government, kākā are “at risk” and recovering. The Maori referred to the kākā as “chattering” or “gossiping” birds due to their loud, distinctive call. On September 20, the zoo posted an image of an unnamed brand-new kiwi chick that they described as “ridiculously cute”. Credit: Auckland Zoo via Storyful