Baby Has Some Pretty Strong Feelings About Mom's Face Mask

Published September 19, 2017 1,507 Views

Every woman needs a little time for herself. A bit of pampering with a manicure and a pedicure, maybe a massage or nice, rejuvenating face mask. Some of them look like there is hardly anything there, but there are those that can change the user’s entire face, turning you from a gentle, feminine face to that of a ogre. At least, that is what this baby thought when her mom faced her with a full face of a mud mask.

The hilarious moment was captured on video by Isabell Thorberg when her babysitter cancelled on her, just when she needed a pampering day that was long overdue. The 24-year-old mom still decided she should not let the day pass by without at least a cleansing face mask. But when she would turn to face her 8-month-old daughter Elvira Marie, the baby’s face paralyzes in horror. The video went viral, leaving the 16 million viewers divided in their reactions.

“This is the first time it happened,” says Isabell, from Tonsberg, Norway. “Elvira Marie has seen me many times in a face mask before and never been afraid I guess she had a bad day to. “She usually loves it laughs, but not that day, it must have been a bad day.

“I was really tired because we hadn’t slept well for a few nights and was really looking forward to a little alone time to take care of myself. The person never showed so I just to do something for myself.”

Even though the moment was clearly an accident, the candid footage brought tons of hate to Isabell from random strangers. “I didn’t know Elvira Marie was going to cry, that’s why the original video only last for two seconds. I went to comfort her instantly.”

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