This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Art | MAKING MAD

Published September 19, 2017 1,304 Plays

Rumble Many of us have look at a piece of artwork at some point and thought “what a load of trash”. This artist is putting paid to the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ with his experimental new art, using recycled materials.

Oskar Krajewski transforms broken electronics, used plastic containers, and unwanted toys into striking sculptures designed to make you think. The London-based artist finds his raw materials in local rubbish bins and calls his art ‘Recyclism’. The bins down his block have become a new and exciting source of free art materials.

This goes beyond experimentation for Oscar, as he hopes to raise awareness about the problems our world is facing today. “We are suffocating our planet with plastic and I believe that art can play an important role in our survival“ he says.

He has made a few small pieces, dedicated to marine life and its environment, like the sea turtle he made, completely out of plastic, and filled with LEGO bricks, just like the many sea turtles have been found, with their bellies full of trash.

His most striking work, ‘Recycled Future’ is inspired by sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and features 25,000 different parts.

Videographer / director: Oskar Krajewski
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski
Editor: Sonia Estal