Adorable Moment Devoted Deaf Stepdad Is Surprised With Not One, But Two Adoption Requests From His Adoring Step-Daughter And Son

Caters_News Published September 18, 2017 106 Plays

Rumble Being a parent doesn’t come from DNA, it comes from the heart. That is what was proven to one stepdad, when both his stepchildren gave him requests for adoption.

Hank Blankenship was having dinner with his wife Deidre, when she asks him to take a seat in the middle of the room. Hank and Deidre are both deaf, but Deidre’s children from her previous marriage, 21-year-old Alexander and 15-year-old Cassidy, aren’t. Hank has been their dad for 13 years.

The family were having a gathering with other close relatives in their home in Salem, Virginia, when Hank takes a seat in the middle of the salon and out comes Cassidy, carrying a big piece of cardboard. Then she starts signing to everybody, explaining how grateful she is for Hank, before unfolding the cardboard to reveal a sign saying ‘Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad’, reducing Hank to tears in an instant.

The couple’s biological children Savannah and Trey then approach their dad, each wearing matching shorts that say ‘We want a whole brother and sister, not halves,’ raising the suspicions of the 34-year old. Finally, Cassidy hands Hank a series of adoption papers, outlining her desire to be legally recognised as his daughter. Then Alex, who is in the military, does the same.

Hank, who is said to never cry, was very emotional on that day.