Planes Wobble In High Winds While Landing At Melbourne Airport

Storyful Published September 18, 2017 4,756 Plays

Rumble - The fear of flying is very much legit, however unsubstantiated. While air travel is, statistically speaking, the safest method of transportation, a bit of turbulence can put even the most seasoned journeyman at the edge of their seat. Another bit of information to satiate your appetite for facts: out of the entire journey with an aircraft, the landing sequence is where most accidents happen. That is probably why this is such a viral video.

A number of Qantas planes wobbled in high winds as they came in to land at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport on Monday, September 18. A severe wind warning was issued after wind gusts reached 60 miles per hour at Melbourne Airport, The Age reported, although the uploader said the footage was filmed in around 30-mile-per-hour winds.

Wild winds up to 80 miles per hour have soared over the state the entire previous weekend, making landing conditions tough at the Melbourne airport.

Jetstar passenger Therese Allaoui told the Herald Sun: “We were told that because of the strong winds, the planes haven’t been able to refuel or unpack the luggage which is why we can’t disembark the plane. The plane is bouncing around on the tarmac, it’s almost like we’re on a roller coaster or some sort of theme park ride.” We will let you be the judge of that.

To take your mind off things, check out this compilation of the best of bumpy landings for 2016. All’s well that ends well.

Credit: YouTube/Schony747 via Storyful