Curious Lion Inspects A Service Dog Through A Pane Of Glass

Newsflare Published September 18, 2017 317,560 Plays

Rumble A cat is a cat, no matter how big or small. That is the truth and this huge cat proves it, when he spots a service dog with his human in front of the glass that protects him from the enclosure. The young, yet massive lion can be seen slowly stalking his prey, standing right there, but fails to take the thick glass pane into consideration. So he hurls himself towards the dog with all his might and slams head-first in the window with a muffled thud. Good thing the kids that are close by know how safe they are from the feline’s fangs, otherwise they wouldn’t be laughing so hard right about then.

During the incident, shot on August 28 in the Indianapolis ZOO, shows, Jetson the black Lab, on this side of the glass panel, not even flinching as he comes face to face with the big yellow cat. 'My service dog, Jetson, was a magnet to the lion cubs,' Jetson's owner wrote in the caption of the video. The young lion’s silly behavior caught the attention of a lioness, perched on a platform behind him, and she joins her greedy mate in pawing at the glass, hoping to get closer to Jetson. The dog, on the other hand, is not impressed.

'Jetson, you're awesome!' his young owner yelled in the video. People have been ludicrous enough to tease lions in their enclosures into chasing and attacking them, knowing that they can’t break the glass barrier and cause harm. Still, we urge you not to test your zoo’s building capabilities yourself.

Renowned for its majesty and nicknamed "the king of the jungle," the lion possesses both beauty and strength. Lions vary in color but typically sport light yellow-brown coats. Mature male lions are unique among big cats due the thick brown or black manes that encircle their necks and protect them while fighting. When it comes to female lions, they do almost all of the hunting. They are mainly nocturnal and work in teams to stalk and ambush prey. Lions inhabit grassy plains, savannahs, open woodlands and scrub country. These landscapes allow the hunters to creep stealthily through vegetation and leap upon their unsuspecting prey.

For all of their roaring, growling, and ferociousness, lions are family animals and truly social in their own communities. There is this video of a lioness recorded by Catherine Van Eyk who whipped out her camera at the right time to capture the moment a cheeky king of the jungle was put back in his place by none other than his queen. This sassy lioness has no problem putting this inquisitive male lion in his place after he gets in between her and her meal. She charges at the male when he approaches to get some food. Who knows why she is so angry at the male? Maybe they got in a serious fight earlier and she is mad at the male. Nonetheless, this still makes for one interesting clip! However, this lioness is not a fan of traditional roles (obviously), and she just didn't feel like being courted on at that exact time, so she made sure that the pushy lion knows it. We have no idea why she's so grumpy - maybe she didn't get to eat her favorite part of a gazelle, or maybe it just wasn't her day in general. Anyway, this lion pulled the short straw when it comes to flirting with his favorite female. Better luck next time, buddy.


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