Hungry cobra spit out plastic bottle it had swallowed

NewsflarePublished: September 16, 2017
Published: September 16, 2017

A snake rescuer saved a cobra’s life last week by helping it regurgitate a plastic bottle it had swallowed.

The incident occurred in a village near the South Indian town of Sirsi.

The cobra had entered the house of Munaf in Landakanahalli village.

It ate an egg and then swallowed a plastic bottle that was lying in the backyard.

The bottle made it sick and the cobra was unable to move. The family saw the inert cobra in their home, panicked and called Prashant Hulikal, a snake rescuer.

He caught the snake, helped it regurgitate the bottle, though the egg also came out with it.

The animal was later released in a nearby forest.

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