Impatient Dog Wants To Go Camping Sooner If You Wouldn't Mind

NewsflarePublished: September 16, 2017101 views
Published: September 16, 2017

What does a dog have to do to get on the road faster? Jump up and down? Squeal like his life depends on it? Bark his eardrums off? Or maybe just step on the camper’s horn until someone realizes he is not getting any younger and would really like to get going if you wouldn’t mind!

That is exactly what this pooch did on a parking lot in Tramore, County Waterford in Ireland. His owner left him in the caravan to go and finish some business, but they are taking their sweet time doing it. A tiny dog can only have so much patience for the stuff.

When the Jack Russell felt like he had waited long enough, the pup got on the driver’s seat and leaned his entire body on the center of the steering wheel. You know what that sounds like, right? The camper’s horn is blaring throughout the entire parking lot, but the pup couldn’t care less. With such an unimpressed face, the Jack Russell looks up and down across the lot, looking for his owner.

Manners, would you? He is a dog, but even dogs get excited when they have to go places! And just when he thought he was going to see the beach soon, the human stops for snack and coffee. You’ll have those later, let’s go!

He is not the only one! Another human left her dog in the car for a bit, but that bit got stretched out indefinitely. Of course, the pooch will step on the horn; do you know how much time went by in dog terms?!

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