Baby Girl Hears Mom's Voice For The First Time, Thanks To Cochlear Implants

USATODAY_AlltheMoms Published September 15, 2017 3,598 Plays

Rumble There is so much we take for granted in our lives, things we never think we could be left without. We take for granted the colors we see and the sounds we hear everyday, we complain about bright lights or harsh noises. But little Lexi Daniella doesn’t have that luxury; the baby was born deaf, due to fluid buildup in her ears, which doctors say was caused by the C-section.

Luckily for Daniella, she was born in a time when technology can help children like her to hear sounds, just like any normal person would, thanks to little devices called cochlear implants. They are small hearing devices fitted under the skin behind the ear during surgery to help people understand speech. They also allow people to recognize warning signals, understand their environment and enjoy conversations with people.

Her mom, Franciska fits her with her bright red gadgets behind the baby’s ears and even though the squeaking sounds they made confused her, Dani was able to adapt to the new capabilities quickly and beamed when mom called her “beautiful girl”. She is nothing less than gorgeous!

Cochlear implants can also help babies born with the Usher syndrome, a very common condition that affects both hearing and vision. Little Rebecca was born completely deaf and she would soon start to lose her vision, so her parents decided to give the baby cochlear implants as well. Her initial reaction was nothing short of confusion, but she, too, will eventually learn to live with this brand new capability.