Calf Rejected By Herd Gains Loving Doggy Family Instead

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Published: September 15, 2017

A Highland Cow, likely born with oxygen-deprivation, was raised inside a family home and has grown up thinking he’s a dog.

James the cow thinks he is a dog! It makes sense why he is a little confused about his breed because his owners raised him inside the family home with their dogs.

His owners believe that James was oxygen-deprived at birth and that the calf wouldn't have survived without their intervention. He is so lucky that this family opened the doors to their home for his cute little face.

Cattle owners Adam, 33, and Emily Hopson, 32, have raised adorable calf James inside their home with their dogs who he cannot resist licking.

James is now 4-months old and loves his doggy friends. He likes chasing tails and running around in the backyard with his four-legged friends. Who knows, maybe he will also learn how to bark!

His original herd doesn't want much to do with him, they sense he is different and with doggy manners, but that's okay because he seems as happy as can be. He wears dog clothes, hangs out with dog gang, he likes being petted on the head and loves to lie around like the dog he is!

What a miracle, baby animals just like human animals, take in the environment and adjust to the situation no matter their birth status.

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