Chinese City Has A Bizarre Overpass That Looks Like A Water Slide

NewsflarePublished: September 15, 201797 views
Published: September 15, 2017

This must be the ups and down of life in China. A video from the Chinese city of Chongqing shows an overpass which has the bumpy form more normally seen in water slides.

The 300-meter-long section of road was specifically designed with its distinctive "waves" to allow drivers to exit the overpass at different stages. The ‘'wavy' road has been built in an attempt to accommodate stores at different levels. Known as Mountain City, planners in Chongqing have had to come up with pretty ingenious ways to cope with the terrain, combining roads and shops.

Apart from this ‘wavy’ road, the city boasts an overpass with 20 ramps and five layers. Navigating the intersection is no easy feat, and it’s easy to get lost or carsick.

The Huangjuewan Overpass, which began being constructed in 2009, features five layers, 20 ramps and eight directions. But an official in charge of the project insists it’s really easy to get around using the signs. He told People’s Daily Online: ‘Even if you take the wrong way, then you only have to go around one kilometer or even just five or six hundred meters before there is an option to correct the wrong turn.’

We have no choice but to believe him.

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