Thai children box for tips from tourists inside beer bar

NewsflarePublished: September 15, 2017
Published: September 15, 2017

A distressing video has emerged from Thailand of children battering each other in boxing matches for tips from tourists in a bustling red-light district beer bar.

The youngsters aged between 12 and 14 take part in Muay Thai fights in a full-size ring in Pattaya, Thailand.

After each match lasting three rounds another pair of kids enter the ring while holidaymakers watch.

They then finish and wander round the complex of bars collecting tips from onlookers.

The fights take place in the centre of a covered bar area used by dozens of 'bar girl' sex workers in the beach road area of the notorious city.

Onlooker Randolph Frost said: ''The kids weren't holding back. It was full-on boxing.

''I was a little surprised at how aggressive it was, and there were grown-ups standing at the ring side shouting instructions to them.

''There were tourists inside watching who were enjoying it."

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