Don’t Look Down - Heart Stopping Moment Teens Hang From 2000m High Crane

Published September 15, 2017 51 Plays

Rumble Alexander Nomernoy and Dmitry Ilchuk, both 19, visited Zaporizhia, Ukraine, where they first noticed the construction of a bridge over the Dnieper River.

The students, from Moscow, arrived at the pier in the early hours of the morning whilst the guards were still asleep and traveled by boat to the construction site. Despite the wind, and initial second thoughts, the boys began to climb the 200 metre jaunt, which is considered to be the highest in Ukraine.

They finally reached the highest point where Dima climbed out to the edge and hung off the railings whilst Alexander caught him on camera. Luckily the pair made it back down without injury and thankfully were not caught.

This isn’t the first feat of this kind for the daredevil teens. Alexander climbed a 1150 foot TV tower in Galich, Russia the year before and recorded himself standing on an incredibly tiny platform. He even let his feet dangle off the edge of the tower, for an added vertigo effect. He says he does so that people can see the views from extreme heights.

One gymnast and videographer from Toronto, Canada, took on a similar adventure, when he and a couple of his photographer friends decided to check out what the sunset looks like from the top of the L Tower. But it seems the building wasn’t high enough for them, so one of the photographers decided to climb further up a crane covered in ice. Just don’t look down.