Little Girl Has Hilarious Meltdown After Baby Gender Reveal

NewsflarePublished: September 15, 2017652 views
Published: September 15, 2017

It might be weird to hear that not all kids want siblings, but they have no idea what is coming their way. Parents today know what they are up against when they are about to tell their kids that another is on the way, so they are wise to take out the camera and record their reactions. So hate the news, others fall head over heel with joy.

But what does it look like when they accept it’s a sibling, but not the way they want it to be? Hilarious footage has emerged from California, USA of a little girl's reaction to finding out her unborn sibling's gender.

The video, which was filmed in April, shows the little girl helping her father to open a large cardboard box, which the pregnant mother has prepared especially for the gender reveal. When they open the top of the box, a blue Mylar balloon floats out and another with "It's a boy" written on it.

Obviously, dad is stoked to have a boy around, but what about the big sister? As the father cheers, the girl goes into a complete meltdown at the news, throwing herself on the ground and screaming hysterically.

"Our daughter was hoping for a girl but my wife and I wanted a boy," the dad wrote online.

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