Man Attempts To Pull Beached Shark Back To Sea

Storyful Published September 15, 2017 24 Plays

Rumble We don’t get to hear a lot of stories like this one. Usually when we think of sharks, we think of grizzly marine predators that will bite of our extremities with just a snap of their jaws. But somewhere in the world, there are people that actually try to save these beasts. And why is that?

The answer is simple, sharks are a part of the complex marine ecosystem. Their presence in the oceans ensures the survival of other species in that system, making them indispensable in maintaining the balance. There are many organisations around the world that strive to keep the oceans alive, mainly by protecting the marine life.

A man tried to pull a shark washed ashore on Sydney’s Manly Beach back to the sea on September 11. This footage shows the man’s attempt by grabbing the shark’s tail. The author of the video said: “The most Australian of men, trying to save a beached young (bigger than me) great white.” A young great white shark was found injured on Manly on the day. Rescuers from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary took it to a sea pool and later their aquarium, where the fish recovered overnight. It was released off Sydney’s coastline the next day.

Credit: Kristin Rogers via Storyful