First Haircut Is Giving Giggly Toddler Tingling Sensations

NewsflarePublished: September 14, 20172,979 views
Published: September 14, 2017

Funny video has emerged from a small village in northern Greece of a baby getting his hair cut for the very first time. The tingling sensation sent this happy toddler into a fit of giggles!

The video, filmed in Sevastiana near the town of Edessa on September 10, shows ten-months-old Seraphim, sitting in a chair at a barbershop where he is getting his first haircut
by a man named Coolis.

In the video, little Seraphim can be seen smiling and leaning his head forward as the barber takes a razor to his hair. It is adorable to see the joyful expression on this toddler’s face, and experience the fun he is having while enjoying the process of having his hair cut at the barber’s shop! Cuteness overload!

Reportedly, Seraphim’s mother owns a coffee bar where Coolis often goes to get a cup of coffee, so when Seraphim meets Coolis, he often greets him with a cheeky smile! It is no wonder that the boy is so relaxed on the chair, because these two have already formed an excellent friendship bond.

Often times toddlers and babies experience various emotions when having their hair cut for the first time. The stranger that messes with their hair, the scary appearance of the scissors, and the tingling sensation that the cutting of hair gives to their little heads is simply overwhelming.

Unlike this cheerful toddler, this video of sibling’s adorable reaction to having their haircut is absolutely adorable as well. Some toddlers fall asleep on the chair, others cry their guts out, but these two siblings are definitely our favorites!

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