Indian Daredevil Farmer Performs Jaw-Dropping Stunts And Wheelies On His Tractor

Published September 14, 2017 3,213 Plays

Rumble Lots of people show up these days on the internet, doing different stunt acts and attracting other people’s attention. Some of them fail in their attempt to do it, while others rock! This Indian farmer is leaving spectators jaw-dropped with his amazing skills of doing wheelies for 100 meters on a tractor. And that’s not all he can do - this young stuntman can also spin the tractor at least 20 reps in a single go.

The 21-year-old Indian Gaggi Bansra has been wooing his fans with his unbelievable acts for more than four years. The only son of an agrarian father was passionate about stunts since his teenage days. However, he could never afford a motorbike due to lack of money. When Gaggi found his passion, he dropped college. He got his initial idea of performing these daredevil stunts while working on his father’s fields in Punjab in northern India. After he quit studies, he helped his father in irrigating the fields. During one of the field works four years ago, he came up with the idea of trying his hands on doing a wheelie on the tractor. While Gaggi’s first try was a complete disappointment, he kept his hopes high. Within three months he mastered his act.

Try and watch this young guy without being left speechless. He effortlessly maneuvers the one tonne tractor on his back wheels and drags it for impressive 100 meters.

"It is a thrilling ride. It takes me to a different zone. I feel all pumped up while doing these stunts," says Gaggi without any fear.

Once he got into the groove, the young farmer started showing off his stunts in front of his pals and other farmers in the field. Slowly he earned the nickname "Tractor Stuntman" in the neighboring villages and became famous on the Internet. Now, his aim is to get his name into Guinness World Records, as he wants the world to see what he can do with his mean machine.