US Navy Dad 'Delivers' Himself Home To Surprise A Special Someone

NewsflarePublished: September 14, 201730 views
Published: September 14, 2017

We can never get enough clips of soldiers coming home to surprise their loved ones. They are either out in the open, just walking up to their families, or they throw some kind of elaborate surprise to build up the intensity. The ones we really enjoy the most are those where soldiers get boxed in, so to speak, making the reveal a special gift to the ones they hold dear.

You better take out those tissues! This touching video from the United States shows a father in the US Navy returning home from deployment and surprising his daughter by popping out of a large parcel.

In the video, which was filmed in Reno, Nevada on September 13, 5-year-old Dakota, dressed in a gorgeous blue princess dress, opens the giant cardboard box with the help of her mom. She's delighted to discover her father crouching inside in his navy uniform. “Daddy, I missed you!” are all the words coming out of her mouth and we are sobbing!

"Well, we decided to give our little princess the surprise of a lifetime," the girl's mother wrote online. "She had no idea he was home and to make it even better, it was my birthday," she added.

When little Conner from Cleveland, South Carolina came home from school, his mom told him there was a special delivery from his brother in the form of a huge cardboard box. Can you guess what was in it?

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