Incredible Moment Adorable Baby Hears Her Mother’s Voice For The Very First Time

Caters_News Published September 13, 2017 765 Plays

Rumble In Richmond, Virginia, USA, little Lexi Daniella, who has been suffering from severe hearing loss after her birth just three months earlier, is about to hear her mother’s voice for the very first time.

Looking very confused as her temporary hearing aids squeak as they’re placed over her ears, adorable ‘Dani’ takes a while to adjust to her newly-found hearing capabilities. It isn’t long before the baby smiles, ear to ear, just as she hears mom saying ‘beautiful girl’. Because she is nothing less than.

Doctors blamed the baby’s loss of hearing from the C-section, saying that fluid builds up in her ears. “But after a few weeks we grew more concerned and tests eventually showed she had suffered severe hearing loss, the cause of which is still unknown.” says Dani’s mother, Franciska Umana. “She had always tried to talk back when she saw my mouth moving, but knowing she couldn’t actually hear the sound of my voice was heartbreaking.”

“I was more excited than nervous when the hearing aids arrived. It was such an incredible moment to see her smiling and responding to my voice. She’ll cry now when she hears loud noises, and sometimes even when I talk to her.” continues the happy mom.

Cochlear implants can also help babies born with the Usher syndrome, a very common condition that affects both hearing and vision. Little Rebecca was born completely deaf and she would soon start to lose her vision, so her parents decided to give the baby cochlear implants as well. Her initial reaction was nothing short of confusion, but she, too, will eventually learn to live with this brand new capability.