Airstrikes Target River Crossing Southeast of Deir Ezzor, Over a Dozen Reported Dead

StoryfulNews Published September 12, 2017

Rumble Repeated airstrikes killed civilians crossing the Euphrates River southeast of Deir Ezzor in the town of Al-Boleel, Syria, on September 10. The airstrikes came days after the Syrian military broke a three-year Islamic State siege on September 5. Local news media said airstrikes targeted the river crossing, sinking multiple boats, and killing more than 15 people. The uploader said this video was taken less than 1 kilometer from the river crossing, and that photos posted separately showed the body of a man allegedly killed in the airstrikes. Syrian government forces and their Russian allies are fighting Islamic State forces from the west of Deir Ezzor as US-backed forces approach the city from the northeast. Credit: Facebook/B.N.N. Boleel News via Storyful