Mob Of Kangaroos Go Toe To Toe In Night-Time Fight On Lawn

NewsflarePublished: September 12, 2017333 views
Published: September 12, 2017

Terrible winter weather and nasty critters aside, we think living in Australia must be an awesome experience! Sure, native Aussies aren’t impressed by anything anymore, because they probably get a lot us unexpected visitors on their front yards, some more dangerous than others though.

One family certainly got quite the entertainment, as they filmed a group of kangaroos boxing for like three minutes on a suburban front yard in New South Wales. The video, filmed at night on August 31, shows two of the kangaroos scratching their behinds before they rear up and suddenly start trading blows, kicking and punching, much to the amusement of the two young onlookers in the car. The kids sound really excited to witness the outpour of testosterone between the two six-foot marsupials.

Despite the darkness and terrible lighting, a total of four kangaroos can be seen outside. Grazing and scratching like they have the most horrible case of the rash. Then a third one approaches them, to which the bigger guy of the former two jumps right for the new guy’s throat!

Hey, even Mike Tyson knew the rules, this is dirty!

While you are here, you should definitely check out Roger the kangaroo. Roger is trained in hand-to-hand-combat and with one swift kick he can disembowel his opponent, according to the manager of The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Chris Barnes. Take a look at those muscles!

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