French Workers Take to Streets Over Macron's Labor Reforms

StoryfulNewsPublished: September 12, 2017
Published: September 12, 2017

Thousands of French workers took to the streets in cities and towns across France on September 12 in a day of protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s labor reforms. The reforms to France’s notoriously complex employment laws are a key platform of the Macron presidency, and opposition to them is seen as his first stern test. The president caused a media storm the previous week when he described opponents as “faineants,” or slackers, in an address given in Athens. Street protests were planned in 180 locations, according to French reports While the proposed changes make no mention of the 35-hour working week, they will hand more control over pay and conditions to employers and make it easier to hire and fire workers. Proponents of the reform say the present system is a major barrier to job creation. Unemployment in France has hovered above 9 percent for almost 10 years. The new law is set to be adopted by decree later this month. This footage shows a street protest outside the Chamber of Commerce in Marseille. Credit: Twitter/MastrandreasS via Storyful

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