Mountain Lion Swimming In Utah Reservoir Caught On Camera

NewsflarePublished: September 11, 2017113 views
Published: September 11, 2017

Video has emerged of an elusive mountain lion swimming across part of a reservoir in Utah. The filmer captured the mountain lion swimming across part of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir on August 7.

"Check this out," says Michael Pearson in the video as he filmed the mountain lion. "We don't want to get too close to him but we want to see him when he gets out on the shore." The mountain lion then gets onto the shore before look back in the direction of the camera.

No matter how many times we see these big cats in water, we can’t help but wonder - are they really felines or some other type of animal, because the cats we all know and love and scared witless of water! If only they could be like this.

Check this kitten, for example. Deja the Savannah cat was just three months old when she went swimming for the first time in the family pool. She stands on floatie in the middle of the pool and her owner encourages her to jump. Deja takes one good look of the surface and plunges in the water, like it’s no big deal! Savannah cats are in the top three water loving feline breeds in the world. Isn’t that awesome?

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