This Blood-Chilling Footage Shows A Glimpse Of What Is Inside A Shark's Mouth

NewsflarePublished: September 11, 2017282 views
Published: September 11, 2017

It is extremely rare to find a video that is only a few seconds long, but can tell you so much more than an entire movie. One such video is this one, showing with great precision and extreme clarity what is going on inside a Great White shark’s mouth!

We are not talking about a party of some kind, or a weird looking parasite that eats their tongues. We are talking about the impressive array of 40-ish pearly whites glistening under the water. This one might not star in a toothpaste commercial any time soon, but just seeing that slow motion shot of the shark’s semi open mouth brings chills down our spines.

Despite what Hollywood might want us to think, these animals are actually very elusive; experts still haven’t discovered where they give birth, which is very important in order to preserve the species. One of the things that marine scientists can tell for sure is that an adult Great White shark can have up to 24 teeth on each of their jaws that are exposed almost all of the time. What is even more fascinating is that they have another five or so rows of teeth behind the front ones, which rotate in place of the teeth they lose while feeding.

This clip is interesting to watch, but not nearly as much as this guy, caught on video by cage divers in the waters in South Africa. The moment that shark breaches the water, mouth fully open, could be the very thing that brought the idea to Steven Spielberg.

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