RSPCA Records Song For Nervous Shelter Cats

StoryfulNewsPublished: September 10, 2017
Published: September 10, 2017

RSPCA New South Wales dropped a fresh new beat to calm shelter cats and kittens, called “I Need You (Cat Mode)”. According to the organisation: “The track is specifically designed to calm cats and kittens in shelter environments or who may be stressed or left at home during the day.” RSPCA NSW Veterinary Scientific Officer Dr Jade Norris said: “Researchers suggest that because cats further develop their hearing after birth, sounds in the womb may not be important to cats, unlike human babies who can hear their mother’s pulse in the womb for four months before birth.” “In this regard, the pulse-like tempos used in human music do not have the same effect on cats, it seems much more appealing for them to hear the purring their mother would have made post-birth or the suckling of nursing.” According to the organisation, 35,000 cats are sheltered every year in New South Wales. Credit: RSPCA NSW via Storyful

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