Millions Of Swarming Locusts Attack Fisherman In Russia

NewsflarePublished: September 9, 2017745 views
Published: September 9, 2017

Dramatic footage shows moment a huge swarm of locusts attack farms and devastates crops in Russia as officials declare a state of emergency, but seems powerless to combat the locusts.

This shocking video filmed in Ninovka, Russia shows fishermen battling an enormous swarm of locusts.

According to local reports, huge migrations of locusts have been devastating farms in southern Russia and surrounding regions.

Every year swarms of the insect from North Africa appear in the south feeding on crops, but this year locals think the unusually warm weather has caused thousands more to arrive.

In near apocalyptic scenery, millions of locusts invade these fishermen, who seem powerless to combat them.

This happens every year as part of the locusts' natural migration pattern, though this year's swarm is especially large.

Locusts are certain species of short-horned grasshoppers that have a swarming phase. These insects are usually solitary, but under certain circumstances, become more abundant and change their behavior and habits, becoming gregarious.

In the solitary phase, their numbers are low and they do not pose a major economic threat to agriculture. However, under suitable conditions of drought followed by rapid vegetation growth, they start to breed abundantly, becoming gregarious and migratory when their populations become dense enough.

They form bands of wingless nymphs which later become swarms of winged adults. Both the bands and the swarms move around and rapidly strip fields and cause damage to crops. The adults are powerful fliers they can travel great distances, consuming most of the green vegetation wherever the swarm settles.

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