Shark Seen Swimming Right Below Kayakers In California

NewsflarePublished: September 9, 2017166 views
Published: September 9, 2017

Remarkable footage has emerged from the USA of a white shark swimming just below stand up paddle boarders and kayakers. A drone with a camera attached had been sent above the murky water where the paddleboarders and kayakers were, to take a closer look at the shark’s interaction with the humans.

The video, captured off Monterey Bay in California, shows the curious shark swimming around the group. As shark interactions go, this one is quite uneventful, as the animal passes by each one of the people in the water, barely getting out, before swimming away into the deep.

Monterey Bay is famous for the sharks that come in the shallows between the people, but not all shark “visits" are this calm and civilized. Brian Correiar was paddling in his 14-foot kayak through Monterey Bay when a <a href="" target="_blank">great white shark attcked him</a> and knocked him into the water. The man eventually was able to swim away from his attacker, after a sailboat approached him to pick him out of the water. He got out of the situation unhurt.

According to reports, these are just <a href="" target="_blank">juvenile sharks</a>, that feed on small fish offshore and come to the shallows to rest. The juveniles are usually not aggressive, unless provoked.

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