Man Claims Fort Lauderdale Police Threatened to Tow His Mom's Car Trapped in Parking Lot

StoryfulWeatherPublished: September 8, 2017
Published: September 8, 2017

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, local Jared Wittus got into a disagreement with a police officer when he tried to remove his mother’s car from an alleged private parking space on September 8. According to Wittus, his mother was told by a police officer that they would have to tow her car because the parking lot where she left the vehicle had been barricaded. Wittus was called in by his mother to handle the situation, and when he arrived the police man is heard telling him that the car would not be towed, but it could not be removed from the parking lot due to the barricade. The officer told the pair that they could make whatever “adult decision” they wanted after police left the area. After numerous conversations with multiple police officers, Wittus is seen getting in the car and driving through the sidewalk that separated the parking lot from the road. The videos, however, do not show whether Wittus was able to drive away without any penalties. Credit: Facebook/Jared Wittus via Storyful

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