CCTV captures transgender thief stealing gold necklace from tourist

NewsflarePublished: September 8, 201717 views
Published: September 8, 2017

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged from Thailand of a transgender woman caught stealing a gold necklace from an unsuspecting Indian tourist.

The video, captured in Pattaya City, shows the woman propositioning a passer-by and leaning in to kiss the man.

As she is kissing him, she reaches round his neck and unclips the gold chain, before speeding off with an accomplice on a moped.

The man later reported the theft to police, who checked CCTV and tracked the women down to a rented room where they had sold the necklace for 20,000 Thai baht.

They found the money and retrieved the gold chain, which was stolen after the incident at the Mae Wilai Market.

Head of the city's police force Apichai Kroppetch led a large public shaming of the pair in a bid to show that tourists in the seaside resort were safe.

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