What This Guy Does On The Highway Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine

NewsflarePublished: September 8, 2017123,320 views
Published: September 8, 2017

This mad-cap motorcyclist knows how to drag his feet - his party trick is skidding along the road in his FLIP FLOPS while hanging off the back of his scooter.

The 28-year-old daredevil nicknamed Bomb by pals was filmed whizzing across the concrete in just a pair of shorts and the flimsy sandals...

With thick rubber tied around the throttle for power, he then carefully climbs onto the seat and rides the motorbike with no hands while standing up.

Friend Wanchaloem Kingphukhao, 20 recorded the death-defying footage while travelling behind him on the country road in Kalasin province, Thailand, on July 21.

He said: ‘’Bomb has some special skills on his motorcycle. He lives near me and we’ve known each other for a long time.

‘’Bomb has been practicing this for many years to master the stunt. It looks fun but people shouldn’t try it themselves unless they are experts.

‘’He uses rubber to keep the accelerator down so he can keep his hands outside. He doesn’t use a helmet but he is very experienced.''

All and all, its very safe to say that this guy is a true dare devil. He takes quite the risk to prove him self as the best "skidder". He's friends are also near by to cheer him on and capture this amazing yet very scary footage of this act.

If anything, this video will keep you on your toes as this guy performs this "on the edge" trick!

Must watch!

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