Scooter rider walks away after falling under bus

NewsflarePublished: September 7, 2017
Published: September 7, 2017

A scooter rider knocked under a bus in India escaped without a scratch thanks to an alert traffic police man.

The incident occurred in North Indian city of Dehradun on Wednesday.

The scooter rider tried to overtake a city bus from the left in violation of right-hand drive traffic rules.

As the bus driver failed to spot the scooter, he knocked it down.

A shocking CCTV video from the spot shows the rider falling and disappearing between the wheels as the bus passes over him.

A traffic policeman, Kani Vijay Prasad, saw the mishap and ran towards the bus to stop it from moving any further. Other passers-by also rushed to help and pulled the rider out from under the bus.

The man was in shock but managed to stagger to his feet without any injury.

The scooter rider, who has not been identified, thanked the policeman for saving his life.

The Superintendent of Dehradun Police Nivedita Kukreti lauded Vijay Prasad’s effort and said he had set a fine example for other policemen.

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