Brave Six-Year-Old Saves Drowning Babies With CPR

USATODAY_Humankind Published September 5, 2017 14,271 Plays

Rumble A six-year-old boy is being called a hero after saving his twin cousins from drowning, using a CPR. This youngster from Louisiana is being praised for his quick reactions after what could have been a horrific accident.

Twins Kaden and Isaac Kelley were both near death after they went through an unlocked door to the pool during a family party. Luckily, their six-year-old cousin found them face down in the water and immediately jumped right into the water and began dragging them out.

Moments after Branson Lee of Calhoun saw his 21-month-old twin cousins floating in their pool, he jumped into the shallow end to pull them out as fast as he could, even though he can’t swim.
Branson knew what he was supposed to do given the unfortunate circumstances, so he started CPR, like in the movies, and helped rescue the twins. The brave boy started chest compressions and yelled for help. Twins were airlifted to the hospital and by the next morning they were back to good health, all thanks to their quick-acting cousin.

“I can’t really pick babies up that good, so I used all my strength to pick them up”, says the young boy who saved his cousins from drowning.
The devastated mother explained that the family always leaves the doors locked on the ground floor except for one, which is separated by a locked baby gate.

Once Branson’s scream caught the attention of the rest of the family they ran to the pool and found them laying on the side of the pool, blue and lifeless”. Her husband immediately started doing compressions and CPR. Fortunately, about 30 seconds into the horrific incident, twins started showing a slight response and started coughing.
When the ambulance arrived the boys were crying and that was a good sign. They were taken to to University Health in Shreveport where they were treated back to health.